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Keep a personal diary or journal on your computer. Simple to use yet flexible. With optional password protection and automatic backups you can rest assured your entries are safe an secure. The previous years entry panel shows you what you wrote in the save day for previous years. A portable install option allows you to install My Personal Diary on a flash drive and take it with you wherever you go. Spell checker and optional thesaurus. The built-in organizer includes a contact list to store contacts, a todo list to keep you organized and a password vault to securely store important passwords and account information.

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Your personal thoughts only belong to you!

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2012-11-14 22:13:37
Diary screenshot

Diary 2.0


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2007-12-21 00:00:01
My Diary screenshot

My Diary 6.0

This is the perfect computer Diary

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2007-09-25 17:36:46
Diary Book screenshot

Diary Book 1.9

This is an excellent Diary Book.

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2005-02-01 14:24:17
E-Diary Gold screenshot

E-Diary Gold 2004.07.03

Personal daily diary or journal software.

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2007-09-24 17:21:45